Prof. Patrick Segers, prof. Pascal Verdonck and prof. Benedict Verhegghe welcome you at the website of bioMMeda, the research group on Biofluid, Tissue and Solid Mechanics for Medical Applications.

The scope of our research ranges from the study of flow and transport processes in blood and biological fluids in the cardiovascular system and artificial organs to biomechanical aspects of the cardiovascular and the skeleto-muscular system and medical devices. Since 2007 the group is housed in the Institute Biomedical Technology (IBiTech) on the top floor of the Heymans Building (blok B) at the campus uz.

Campus UZ
Corneel Heymanslaan 10,B-9000 Gent, Belgium
Phone: + 32 (0)9 332 46 21
local map UZ Gent "Block B (entrance 36)

Recent News

NCBME 1st poster award 2018

Hicham Saaid has won the 1st poster award on the 17th National Day on Biomedical Engineering (Data Sciences and Healthcare) with the poster "Validation of 4D MRI Flow in a Left Ventricle Phantom". The National Day was organazed by the National Committee on Biomedical Engineering on november 30th.
1st poster award Hicham Saaid

NCBME Best poster award 2017

Gerlinde Logghe has won the best  poster award at the National Day on Biomedical Engineering with the poster: “Propagation-based phase-contrast synchrotron imaging of aortic dissection in mice: from individual elastic lamella to 3D analysis”.

Poster award Gerlinde Logghe 2017

ie-net master thesis awards 2017

Winners of the 2017 ie-net master thesis awards: Simon Popelier & Jeff Maenhout: Algorithm for business plan development for a new medical device with Pascal Verdonck as their master thesis promotor.

ie-net master thesis awards 2017