Biomedical ultrasound research

Welcome to the webpage of the medical ultrasound research group of the bioMMeda lab. We are part of the Department of Electronics and Information systems (ELIS) at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at Ghent University (Belgium). We also have a close connection with the medical imaging and signal processing group of our department, medisip, with whom we share offices at the University Hospital campus in Ghent. Our group currently consists of 1 assistant professor (Abigail Swillens) and 2 PhD students (Darya Shcherbakova, Annette Caenen), fully focussed on medical ultrasound research for cardiovascular purposes, and professor Patrick Segers heading the bioMMeda lab. 

Our group is particularly known for a quite unique expertise in generating synthetic ultrasound images via advanced computer modeling, incorporating both the biomechanical problem in its full anatomical and physiological complexity as well as the ultrasound imaging. This multiphysics modeling approach allows to dispose of gold standard information on the underlying flow or tissue properties being imaged, particularly advantageous when developing new ultrasonic imaging techniques for blood flow or tissue stiffness quantification. Note that in-vivo research of new imaging techniques might be less appropriate in the early developmental phase as it does not allow to compare acquired ultrasound data with gold standard information on the underlying flow and tissue properties. Our advanced multiphysics modeling approach might fill in the gap here by providing fundamental insight into (i) the imaging physics and (ii) the physical properties one wishes to quantify.

We'd like to mention that we have been able to generate such a unique symbiosis of ultrasound imaging and simulations on the one hand and numerical modeling of biomechanics on the other hand via an intense collaboration with the ultrasound lab of prof. Hans Torp and prof. Lasse Lovstakken at the NTNU (Trondheim, Norway), allowing to combine their ultrasound expertise with the biomechanical modeling skills present in our own faculty (research groups bioMMeda and floheacom).


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